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The testing organization GTÜ continues its growth course. In 2022, sales are expected to rise to over 500 million euros. In addition, the GTÜ wants to come into play in driving license tests. German brands dominate the used car report.


The GTÜ 2020 carried out almost 4.5 million general inspections. Now the testing organization also wants to get involved in the driver’s license test. (Photo: GTÜ)

The Society for Technical Supervision (GTÜ) wants to break the TÜV monopoly on driving license tests and also come into play. “Some test items have to wait six to eight weeks, which is a great deal of frustration,” said GTÜ Managing Director Robert Köstler. This is often associated with higher costs because applicants take more driving lessons. One does not want to lower the quality, but rather a …

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