Logitech presents the G435: the gaming headset for teens

Logitech offers a new wireless headset for the youngest: the G435.

Logitech wants to open up to the general public and offers a brand new wireless gaming headset, the first of the brand to be marketed for less than 100 €. This is good news for consumers who will soon benefit from a comfortable, high-quality product. The G435 Lightspeed is therefore intended to be an entry-level product that does not skimp on the means to seduce its audience.

The headset can be connected to both a PC and a PlayStation console via its USB port, but it also has a low latency Bluetooth connection – Logitech did not give technical details on the latter, to connect to a phone or tablet.

The design of the helmet is greatly inspired by the G733 Lightspeed, with lots of extra colors and breathable mesh fabric. Logitech explained during the presentation of its product that it had above all been designed for the smallest heads, the headphones adapting wonderfully on the youngest. Logitech is targeting a new generation of players, both focused on classic game consoles and on mobiles with the ultra-accelerated development of mobile games.

Micro boom: the point that raises questions

But the first point that is obvious as soon as we see the new Logitech headset, it is above all the absence of a boom microphone. If the G435 does have a microphone, the latter is integrated directly into the left earphone. Logitech assures that this new microphone is able to achieve as good levels of sound as with a physical microphone that is placed in front of the mouth.

The weakest part of this helmet, apart from its price, is perhaps its weight. Always in this idea of ​​convincing the youngest, Logitech has made significant efforts to reduce the weight as much as possible. The helmet therefore weighs only 165 grams. Autonomy side, Logitech announces that the G435 can be recharged with a USB-C cable, and has, according to the manufacturer, 18 hours of autonomy.

The helmet is available for sale on baker at the price of 79 €.

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