Meizu announced the 18s announcement

Nowadays, even the previews have a preview. Bottom line: there’s only a week left until the actual start of the Meizu 18s.


At the same time, we also ran into the devices of Meizu in China, then after various complications and Asian focus, these phones reached our little country less often. So, for example, we lagged behind the whole compact Meizu 18 and we see little chance that the 18s, a 18s Pro or the 18X get to our editorial office, the brand has announced in any case when to announce these phones.


By the way, Meizu has already made a preview for today’s announcement, so it was actually an announcement of the announcement, the point anyway is that you only have to sleep a couple until September 22nd and a bunch of Pandaer gadgets will be unveiled that day. The 18s Pro is expected to come with a Snapdragon 888+ and the 10X with a more restrained price tag.

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