Microsoft Teams has a new option to have interactive meetings

Microsoft is enhancing the dynamics of Microsoft Teams with a new feature that will make it easier to work in groups during meetings.

Thanks to this new update, teams will be able to add a compatible application in the meeting so that all members work collaboratively.

Teams allows you to integrate apps in meetings to work as a team

The team of Microsoft I had already anticipated that Teams was going to add new options to make meetings interactive using the “Share content” function. That is, they were not only a place to expose information while the rest listened, but also had tools for collaborative work sessions.

Following this line, Microsoft announced that Teams will add integration with a series of apps that will allow “meetings to be interactive”. At the moment, they have mentioned Mural, Freehand, Miro and Lucidspark. This changes the way these apps are used in Teams, since they will not only be partially integrated through the literal panel, but will also be able to take it directly to meetings.

That is, all meeting participants will be able to interact with the content from the app directly in Microsoft Teams. For example, as you can see in the image above, teams will be able to work with all the options to have an online whiteboard with Mural from Teams to create brainstorming, maps, diagrams, etc. All that dynamic without the need for teams to leave Teams to do this work collaboratively.

And the same dynamics will be able to repeat with Freehand, Miro and Lucidspark. Remember that this will be possible from the Teams content sharing function for meetings. You will find this function among the meeting controls under the name of “Share content” that will show you all the different options depending on the configuration you have available at the moment.

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