Netflix would be the least respectful of your privacy

The industry leader bowed to Apple TV + and its privacy policy. Apple’s offer is the only one to pass the Common Sense test.

Netflix’s supremacy in the SVOD market is unequivocal. First player in the sector, the firm of Reed Hastings has established itself as a benchmark worldwide to the point of reaching 200 million paying subscribers at the start of 2021. If new players have entered more or less shattering in the salons of audiovisual production enthusiasts, the red N is still far ahead. But after the recent increase in the price list, in France and elsewhere, a new study could tarnish the reputation of the leader.

Common Sense, a non-profit organization, has studied the privacy practices of various SVOD services. Netflix, which nevertheless ensures that it does not sell the data of its users, finishes dead last with a percentage of 46% confidentiality score. In its report, the NGO explains: “Netflix’s policy indicates that the platform does not sell its users’ data, but Netflix also says it practices targeted advertising and tracks the activities of its users between different applications and more generally on the Internet.”

It is therefore Netflix’s double talk that earned it this not very miraculous note. Nevertheless, the NGO welcomes the establishment of several different accounts, in particular to protect the youngest with the KIDS profiles. Amazon Prime Video obtains a score of 57%., for the same reasons as Netflix. Even though the streaming service advertises that it does not sell its users’ data, it uses their habits to deliver targeted advertising.

Disney + franchise pays

Disney + put its cards on the table from the start. The big-eared firm’s service advertises selling its users’ data for targeted advertising. It also traces the habits of its users between the different applications. If this is mainly the same policy as Netflix, the franchise of the service will obviously have played in the balance.

Apple TV + big winner

If it’s YouTube TV with the highest score (81%), Apple TV + is the only one to pass the Common Sense test. Since the introduction ofiOS 14.5, the apple has made confidentiality its spearhead. On its smartphone operating system, Apple has introduced new features that aim to prevent data from being traced from one application to another. The same policy is applied for its SVOD service. In addition, the firm does not display any targeted advertising and advertises not to sell information to third-party companies. On the other hand, Apple TV + does not detail the conditions of use of its service for students, which therefore prevents it from obtaining a better score than YouTube. The service which has just reached 40 million users worldwide therefore has more than one advantage up its sleeve, in addition to adopting a rather advantageous pricing policy and offering a long trial period to all users. new owners of a branded product.

In its study, Common Sense explains that this consists of “A comprehensive and in-depth 150-point assessment to provide easy-to-understand privacy ratings”. She is to be found here.

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