New project of the Magna founder: Stronach attacks again with the Sarit

The Austrian-Canadian industrialist and founder of the supplier Magna, Frank Stronach, has reported back with a mini electric car. At the age of 89, Stronach presented a few days ago, according to a report by ORF, the Sarit, a battery-electric one to two-seater that is to be built in series from 2022, initially in Canada and later also in Styria.

The Sarit is aimed primarily at people who want to use it to drive to work in the morning and back home in the evening. In Europe, the maximum speed of the three-wheeled e-vehicle is said to be 25 kilometers per hour, while the Canadian company Elvy states the maximum range in a brochure as 100 kilometers. Charging should work at the household socket, the price of the vehicle will be around 4,000 euros.

No relation to Magna

Stronach told ORF that the idea of ​​a micro-vehicle came to him in a traffic jam on the way to Toronto: “That’s a waste of energy, and 95 percent of the cars were just the driver. That can’t be.” The future belongs to small, practical and locally emission-free vehicles – “whether we want it or not”. Magna is therefore not involved in the development and production of the Sarit. (mer)

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