Rick and Morty will change the formula for season 6

The Rick and Morty series will adopt a less episodic narrative, to address the intrigues so far left behind.

The time has come for renewal for the series Rick and morty. After 5 seasons, the work of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will reinvent its recipe a little to gain continuity. From the sixth season, and undoubtedly for the years to come, the series will abandon its episodic format, in favor of a more global plot. If we can expect some flashbacks, the narrative should become less confusing and thus explore some details left behind in the last episodes. Asked by the podcast Interdimensional RSS, producer Scott Marder explains:

“We’re nearing the end of writing Season 7. We’ve shaken things up, while Season 6 is in the process of being animated. But even before Season 5 aired, we figured it would be fun to give things more continuity, to make the storylines feel like they’re not that standalone. In the feedback I had on the fifth season, I got the impression that people think the episodes are fun, but they want to feel that things are moving forward, moving, without ignoring the events of the past. Which was certainly not the goal of Season 5. ”

*** Attention Spoilers ***

The Return of Evil Morty

Among the plots that the series should explore in more depth, we find unsurprisingly that of Evil Morty. The character, among the most enigmatic in the universe, was also back in the last episode of season 5. We can therefore expect to find him in the next rounds of episodes. Moreover, we should learn more about Rick’s past and get answers to the questions posed by the finale aired last week.

As a reminder, this fifth season of Rick and morty aired in France on Adult Swim and Molotov. Unlike the other chapters, this new burst of episodes will not land on Netflix. The arrival of the channel in our green regions marked the end of the collaboration between Adult Swim and the N rouge.

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