River OS, the new operating system for Smart TV presented by LG

LG introduced a new operating system for smart TVs: River OS.

The main focuses of this new platform are the customization of the device, the control of advanced functions through voice commands and a convenient and fluid navigation system within its applications and services.

A new operating system for TVs comes from LG

River OS was presented by LG Ads, a division of the Korean company dedicated to advertising management.

While LG manufactures televisions and displays under its own brand, the company also has a number of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) associations, through which they plan to make a first deployment of smart TVs with the River OS operating system in the India, by the end of 2021. Later, during 2022 the expansion would continue towards the United States and other locations, gradually.

Regarding the compatibility required to access the main digital content transmission services, the company assures that this new operating system will be compatible with the main ones in the industry.

The functions that River OS offers are the essentials expected today from a television with an Internet connection: search, discovery, recommendations and viewing of content, through personalized sources, whether it is linear or on-demand content.

With voice control as another of its highlights, River OS uses natural language processing to identify who is watching television. In this way, you can offer recommendations geared towards each individual in the household, without the need to manually switch between profiles. Thanks to this identification system, personalized recommendations are adjusted for each viewer who handles the television, as long as they are a recurring user of the home.

John Gee, Director of Business Development at LG Ads, said: “With streaming dominating viewing time today, it is still too difficult for people to find, discover and enjoy the shows they want to watch, through literally thousands of available content sources. River OS solves that challenge in an elegant way and offers new fully voice-controlled smart TV features that consumers will find innovative and essential. And we can package ad content in a way that enables our OEM partners to deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price. “.

Through this new platform, LG seeks to exploit a new advertising niche, offering spaces for ads on the home screen or in the contents themselves (trailers, videos, microsites or other experiences), taking advantage of the benefits of customization described.

On webOS, the current operating system that LG uses in televisions, no further details were discussed in this statement. River OS could be its successor, or simply a parallel system for another range of equipment. We will see in time.

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