Smart Starkvind air purifier available from 100 euros

The smart air purifier from Ikea with the name Starkvind will go on sale from October and will be available from 100 euros.

Starkvind air purifier table costs just under 150 euros

Ikea had already introduced a new air purifier called Starkvind a few weeks ago. When the show started in October announced, but no prices have yet been communicated. The company has now made up for this in a press release.

Image: Ikea

As is well known, the air purifier will appear in two versions. As a normal air purifier it will cost 99.99 euros and as a side table version the price should be 149.00 euros. The Starkvind air purifier can also be connected to the Tradfri gateway and thus controlled smartly via app or voice. Both models are available in two colors.

Image: Ikea

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