The Apple Watch Series 7 is here, the new generation of Apple watches

Well, yes, we also have the news (or the most important aspects) of the new series of Apple smart watches, the Apple Watch Series 7. From the outset, the increase in screen size of 20% is striking, and that the contents are now presented edge-to-edge, allowing more content to be displayed on the screen, something that more than one will appreciate, in addition to offering a more premium.

There is no doubt that during the last year there have been significant advances in the segment of smart watches, and Apple has not wanted to be left behind, although in this case the rumors about a more radical change of appearance were not fulfilled.

Even so, what is presented in this generation is a significant change with respect to previous generations, and that has been accompanied by improvements to watchOS to adapt the elements to the new screen size. But in addition, the case of this generation of watches also grows, going from 40mm and 44mm to 41mm and 45mm respectively.

To all this, Apple has decided to keep the aluminum and stainless steel finishes, although it adds a titanium finish option to the choice. Fortunately, users can use straps from previous versions, which are fully compatible despite the growth in size of the device.

Apple also highlights that the screen is now capable of offering a higher level of brightness indoors, in addition to having a more resistant glass, also housing IP6X certification for dust resistance and wr50m for water resistance.

Another noteworthy aspect is that it is now betting on a USB-C charger to make it possible to go from 0% to 80% of the battery charge in 45 minutes, with an average charge improvement of 33%, although yes, maintaining the autonomy for the whole day.

The improvements at the level of functions will come from the hand of watchOS 8, although for now not much has been said about it, nor is the exact moment of its launch in stores known, since there is no fixed date, indicating that it will be available this fall at a price of $ 399, although as is well known, the price at which it will reach international markets remains to be known.

It will be a matter of waiting a bit with regard to this device, of which it has not published a press release so that more aspects can be learned.

It will be that the good thing is made wait.

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