The Batman: a Penguin spin-off in development for HBO Max

Warner Bros takes inspiration from the competition and brings the DC cinematic universe to the small screen.

It is not even out on our screens yet, that the next installment of the adventures of Batman is already making babies. After announcing a series focused on Gotham Police, and particularly on Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Gordon, HBO Max is reportedly working on a new spin-off production. As with Gotham PD, the project is intended for the Warner Bros. SVOD platform.

According to Variety, this new production, still at an embryonic stage, will be centered on the Penguin. The character, iconic in the universe of the dark knight, should make a first appearance in The Batman next March. In front of Matt Reeves’ camera, he will be played by Colin Farrell, unrecognizable in the various images shared by Warner Bros.

Diffusion still uncertain

As Variety reminds us, nothing has yet been done. The actor has not, according to media information, signed anything with the firm. We can nevertheless hope that if the film finds its audience, Warner Bros. and HBO Max will find some interest in developing the Batman universe on the small screen. It will undoubtedly be a question of exploring the origins of the antagonist, a bit like what CW had done with his series. Gotham.

As a reminder, the protagonist is a recurring opponent of the batman. It first appears in Detective Comics in December 1941. If he is not endowed with particular powers, he sits as king of the underworld. So we can expect the series to explore his rise and return to the character’s origins. This is more or less what the CW series had already done Gotham. However, we do not yet know if Robert Pattinson, who is to play the dark knight in the film, will be in the casting. It’s a safe bet that DC Comics and Warner Bros have already planned to exploit this new incarnation of Bruce Wayne on several fronts, like what Marvel is doing with its superheroes. HBO Max has several spin-offs in its drawers. The platform develops series Peacemaker, Green Lantern and Justice League Dark.

While waiting to know if Warner Bros. will give the green light to this series, we will find Colin Farrell, Robert Pattinson and Jeffrey Wright in The Batman. The film, postponed several times due to the pandemic, will be released on our screens on March 2nd.

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