The iPhone 13 family of four has also been officially announced by Apple

The mini also remained on offer, and the Pro models received major camera upgrades while pricing didn’t go away either.


Apple has announced two iPad models, a new watch and four phones. The smallest member of the iPhone 13 family remained the mini, and the largest was the Pro Max, so the usual division was not turned upside down, but of course, all models developed as expected.

A15 Bionic
A15 Bionic [+]

What the four phones have in common is that the chipset has become the A15 Bionic, which is Apple’s own six-core solution, of course we learned that it is 20% faster than the previous one, and the Pro and Pro Max also have a five-core GPU. deployed to provide sufficient resources for new photographic-video features. Also common are IP68 protection, Ceramic Shield screen protection and notch reduction, which this time could be reduced by 20% so that its functionality (i.e. the sensors sitting on it) is not compromised. The MagSafe solution introduced last year also remained, which is definitely a big change in that now every iPhone 13 now has sensor-level stabilization, which was only available in the most serious model so far.


The iPhone 13 and 13 mini are very similar in knowledge. While sales of the 12 mini were not considered convincing enough by many, Apple retained and further developed the model. There has been no change in size, the display is still 5.4 inches, which is still OLED, its resolution has not changed, it can display 2340 x 1080 pixels again this year. On the other hand, the notch has become 20% narrower, which is still there, but there is more room for icons next to it. According to Apple, the display is capable of a luminance of 800 nits, with a dot output of 1200 nits.


There are two cameras not only on the back of the mini but also on the sleek iPhone 13, although this model is slightly larger with a standard size 6.1-inch display. The main camera offers 12 megapixel resolution on the devices with an F / 1.6 aperture, advanced night mode and sensor-level stabilization. The ultra-wide camera offers the same resolution with a 120-degree viewing angle and F / 2.3 aperture. The software page has also changed, with autofocus added during video recording, which can come in handy when recording cinematic scenes, improved portrait mode options, of course, captures stereo sound for movies and 4K is the highest resolution available.


The front panel camera is also a 12 megapixel, electronically stabilized solution. From a hardware standpoint, there’s nothing new, but it’s gratifying that the 64GB base model will disappear from the offering and 128GB will be the entry-level iPhone 13 capacity, which costs $ 700 for the mini and $ 800 for the sleek iPhone 13. This means an opening price of 295 thousand forints for the mini, 335 thousand forints must be discounted for the sake of the smooth iPhone 13.


There is more novelty about the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, especially in terms of camera. But the display is also worth talking about, because the brand new OLED (Super Retina XDR) is 6.1 and 6.7 inches, their resolution is also slightly different (2532 x 1170 and 2778 x 1284), but the big novelty is the 1000 nites in addition to luminance, that these are the first iPhone models to finally break away from the 60 Hz display update (consequently, the 13 and 13 mini are still 60 Hz). Apple refers to the 120 Hz panel as ProMotion, which is adaptive, and the system can scale the rate up to 10 Hz to conserve battery life when viewing still images and text.


Another big novelty of the 13 Pro and Pro Max is the triple camera system (and the LiDAR module), which is supposed to be brand new. The sensors offer a resolution of 12 megapixels, the main camera has a high-brightness F / 1.5 solution, the ultra-wide module also has F / 1.8 and autofocus, and the zoom lens offers triple magnification. The night mode is available with all three angles, which will be especially interesting with the ultra-wide lens, and the autofocus will finally make the macro available in these models, which will shoot good images from 2-6 centimeters, and you can even shoot close-ups of slow subjects.


These phones already allow you to re-edit and change the depth-of-focus videos, you can have a variety of customizable shooting styles, and later include the Prores video option, so you can even edit videos in detail on your phone, and so much for everything the device is prepared for, you also have the option to order the top iPhone with 1 TB of internal storage. The smaller Pro will open at $ 999, the larger one will be $ 100 more expensive, at home it means 425 and 465 thousand forints, but if we drive to the 1 TB storage space, then 681 thousand forints will have to be prepared for the purchase.


For all models, they said how environmentally friendly the phones are, for example, the devices themselves will no longer be wrapped in plastic inside the box, 100% of the aluminum used is recycled, but there was even talk of recycling the antenna strips with plastic bottles. were made. It also follows that we probably won’t find a charging head in the box because, although Apple says the smaller models can provide one and a half hours and the larger ones two and a half hours more everyday uptime, there was no question of charging speeds.

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