The largest display to date has been added to the new Apple Watch

Dust resistance, faster charging, fall monitoring, full keyboard, brighter display characterize the latest apple clock.


The Apple Watch is a success story, and if we look at the knowledge of the seventh series, it will remain so for some time to come. This is despite the fact that there are more clock-like smartwatches on the market (with a round display), larger watches, diaphragm watches, and plenty of cheaper watches, the Apple Watch is still unbroken, and the latest release could further increase this because the most important change is the display which has so far been criticized for its size.


This is because the display has visibly grown, which has been achieved by thinning the coffees, leaving only 1.7 millimeters of frame. Specific dimensions are not announced by Apple, but most estimate that the 45mm version with a 1.9-inch diagonal and 396 x 484 pixel resolution could mean a good approximation of the size increase. This is obviously beneficial in many ways, the manufacturer says 60% more text can fit on the display, which is more curved than before, but shatterproof. Obviously, the enlarged display also brings new dials and virtual buttons that are larger and easier to find on many system interfaces.


And the watch itself, having received the IP6X rating, is already dust-proof, and there has been no problem with water resistance (WR50) so far. The always-on display is 70% brighter, accelerates by a third of the charging speed (can be charged to 80% in 45 minutes), and Watch OS 8 can display a full-fledged virtual keypad on the larger display, so that even on our wrists we can also respond to messages. Also the result of the fresh system is better tracking of bicycle movements (automatic pause, fall monitoring) as well as more accurate analysis of e-bike use.


The seventh-generation Watch will hit stores sometime in the fall with plenty of straps, colors and designs (Nike, Hermes) at an opening price of $ 399, with Apple holding the Series3 version on the market for $ 199 and Watch SE for $ 279.

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