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One of the options to consider when buying a second-hand car is to buy a renting car.

But … What is a rental car? What characteristics do these cars have? Is this option interesting to buy a car?

Pros and cons when buying a rental car

The renting It is a long-term rental, the user opens a car and uses it for a predetermined time (normally it is over four years) paying a monthly fee. The leasing It is a type of renting in which the client can buy the car after finishing his contract.

With the monthly renting fee, the client includes insurance, car maintenance (or at a very low price) and any mechanical breakdown, except for fraudulent use, that the vehicle may have during the contract.

When these contracts are finished, the renting companies have to sell these vehicles and put them on the second-hand market. Are you interested in acquiring these vehicles? Here are some important points that you should know:

Buy Car Renting Pros Cons

  • Has only had one driver: Unlike rental, these cars have only been through the hands of one driver, which lowers the likelihood that they have been driven by a bad driver.
  • Maintenance and revisions included: With the contract of these cars, they usually enter the revisions (and if they do not enter, it is at a low price), in addition to the change of tires every few kilometers. So the condition of the car, in principle, has to be good.
  • Limited mileage: These contracts have a limit of kilometers and if it is exceeded, a penalty must be paid. Also, in many cases, you pay less the further you are from that limit of kilometers.
  • Try to know where the car comes from: It is difficult to know who has driven the car, but for example there are construction companies that hire renting and they are vehicles that have very commonly passed on roads, nothing beneficial for cars.
  • One year warranty: If this vehicle is sold by a company, it is obliged to give a one-year guarantee after the purchase of the vehicle, so it is a safer purchase than from an individual.

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