Windows 11: Microsoft has no intention of supporting OS on M1 Macs

Microsoft does not intend to be interested in the deployment of its future OS on Mac ARMs, at least for the time being.

Windows 11 will not be officially supported on M1 Macs. In any case, this is what Microsoft seems to suggest in an interview with The Register. The Redmond firm confirms that it has no intention of dealing with the deployment of its future operating system on Apple machines. Neither natively, nor by using virtualization.

In practice, this does not mean that it will be impossible to run the OS on these machines. However, this means that it will have to be done without Microsoft’s support. The practice will not be illegal in any way, but it will be reserved for users with a few technical skills.

Complete novices may therefore find it difficult to use Windows 11 on their Mac M1. It will indeed be necessary to go through a few additional steps in order to proceed with the installation. This might discourage some less advanced users. And the worries won’t stop once you’re on the desktop. Like all unsupported OS, expect a host of software incompatibilities. A painful problem for everyday use, and incompatible with a professional environment.

MacBook Pro M1
To benefit from Windows 11 on your Mac M1, you will have to be resourceful. Credit: Joshua Woroniecki / Unsplash

Virtualization to the rescue anyway?

This does not prevent some big names in virtualization from making bold statements. Apple Insider recalls for example an advertisement of Parallel; on August 17, the company promised a “support integral”Of the future OS as soon as it is released next October. It will be interesting to see if the virtualization solution manages to honor its bet.

Whether Microsoft will implement deterrent countermeasures remains to be seen. However, this is unlikely; the company is more likely to just look away. One can also wonder what will happen to BootCamp. Until then, this utility allowed Apple users to install Windows on their machine.

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