Xiaomi is getting ready to present its most innovative product to date!

A Xiaomi there is an event to present new products scheduled for the next Wednesday (15) of September. There we will officially get to know the Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G Android smartphones, the Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro 5G, as well as other gadgets.

However, the manufacturer led by Lei Jun has marked a new surprise event for China. There, he promises to present a new conceptual product, a prototype of something he has been working on and now intends to share the news with the world. The surprise event was scheduled for Tuesday, already tomorrow (14).

Get ready for Xiaomi smart glasses

Xiaomi smartglass
O teaser released by Xiaomi itself for its mystery product.

The image shown above, the poster of the presentation, shows us a macro image of an eye, or what appears to be a human eye, surrounded by a dark background and dominated by electric blue.

To this is added the slogan “See the future” whose direct translation tells us “See the future”, as well as the details of the time and place of the event that will take place in China.

Note that this cryptic image reveals little about the nature of the product being presented. We know that this is an innovative product, still in the concept phase, and we will probably see a working prototype of it.

There is, however, some unofficial information that indicates the introduction of Xiaomi’s first smart glasses, the Mi Smartglasses.

Additional information is provided by leaker Digital Chat Station (DCS), a prolific leaker headquartered in China. Indeed, according to his testimony, Xiaomi collaborated with Dior in the creation of its first “smart” glasses.

We will be able to meet the Xiaomi Mi Smartglasses soon

Xiaomi Mi SmartGlasses
Publication of leaker Digital Chat Station on your profile of the Chinese social network Weibo.

O leaker refutes the idea of ​​seeing a new smartphone, or similar device from Xiaomi representing the premise “See the future”. Instead, this source points out, we will have Xiaomi’s first smart glasses, as well as a new range of wearables.

In fact, in the direct translation of its publication in Mandarin into English, the luxury brand Dior is mentioned. This is one of the dominant figures in the luxury sector who may now have collaborated with Xiaomi in creating their first Mi Smartglasses.

Note that this is one of the leakers more prolific and with a better reliability record in recent years. As such, we have little reason to doubt his testimony, often bringing us first-hand details that turn out to be accurate.

The first smart glasses and a new range of wearables

This possibility comes just days after Facebook, in partnership with Ray-Ban, announced its Stories. They also have a pair of casual and luxurious looking glasses, but with built-in cameras.

It is not certain, however, Xiaomi’s intention for this type of products, but very soon we will also discover it.

[Atualização] Xiaomi published this same teaser in yours official channels for Europe.

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