Xiaomi Smart Glasses presented – Soon a smartphone will no longer be necessary?

Xiaomi presented the Smart Glasses today. These smart glasses could replace the smartphone in the long term.

Will we all soon be wearing glasses?

Smart glasses could play a major role in the future and even replace smartphones in the long term. So far, no manufacturer has really been able to assert itself in the development and Google also fell on the nose with the Google Glasses at the time.

In the past few months you have heard again and again about smart glasses from various manufacturers, including Apple, of course. The Chinese company Xiaomi has now taken a big step in this race by introducing the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. These are glasses with an integrated MicroLED display.


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As you can see in the video, the smart glasses from Xiaomi are used for phone calls, navigation, photography and more. Texts can also be translated and displayed right in front of the wearer’s eyes. An integrated AI ensures that not all notifications are displayed to the user, but only those that are really important.

To achieve this high level of functionality, the glasses must be equipped with a quad-core ARM processor, a battery, a touchpad, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth modules, an Android operating system and more. Despite all these functions, the device weighs only 51 grams. All of this makes it possible for the Xiaomi Smart Glasses to resemble the form factor of conventional glasses, but to outperform other existing Smart Glasses in their function.

As already mentioned, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses should be more than just an extended display for the smartphone. In the future, it could well be possible that you only need smart glasses and no smartphone in everyday life. Of course, this does not apply to all applications that the smartphone offers.

Xiaomi has not yet communicated any information about the market launch or the price. A really exciting project from my point of view and I could actually imagine using smart glasses like this myself.

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