After fundraising, Canva is estimated at $ 40 billion

The Australian company has raised over $ 200 million and found new investors. Canva, which is not intended to compete with the big players in the sector, wants to focus its efforts on collaboration.

Facing the mastodon Adobe, Canva continues to find its way into the graphics software industry. The Australian company, specializing in graphic and video design, allows its users to create presentations, posters and documents for a subscription of 11.99 euros per month or via free access for reduced functionality.

Canva is aimed at beginners and incorporates simplified tools to help businesses, individuals and students develop their projects. Launched in 2013, the company is not intended to compete Adobe, Sketch or Figma, but rather that of settling in a market neglected by other companies of the genre.

Fundraising to continue development

The company has just announced that it has raised no less than $ 200 million. Old and new investors have thus participated in the development of the company, which is now estimated at 40 billion dollars. With these new sums, Canva hopes to be able to continue to develop new tools. Melanie Perkins, co-founder and CEO of the firm, explains that she wants to replace PDFs with these features.

“Rather than the people sending PDFs back and forth between designer and client, designers can just create a template for the organization to use. It is less important for us to be absolutely good at things like vector design because there are some amazing programs out there. We really want to focus on this collaboration ”

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