Amazon Alexa – Routines can start based on noises (DE)

In a public preview, Amazon has now released noise recognition in Alexa routines. While recently the Echo Show cameras as a trigger popped up, baby screaming, dog barking, coughing or snoring can now start a routine.

Sound detection starts Alexa routines

It didn’t take long until this function is also available in Germany, at least if you look at the time span for other functions and overlook the “Public Preview”. In May, the noise detection for Alexa routines was introduced in the USA and detects dog barking, snoring, baby cries or coughing.

I would have preferred it if Alexa Guard had appeared as a function in the menu, but noise detection is a start. With Alexa Guard could also break a glass on the window or trigger a smoke detector recognize some kind of security function.

Now there is the “Public Preview” also in Germany for noise detection in Alexa routines. For example, if you want to get a message on your smartphone when the dog is barking at home or the baby is crying in the nursery, then this would be the right place for you. Or your better half snores at night and you don’t always want to say their name to stop snoring for a few seconds? Then create a routine and Alexa chatters off for you in the middle of the night when someone snores.

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