Among US: What if the stealth game turned into a fighting game?

This is the question asked by developer Starcutter, who launched its first build last week.

Since the start of the pandemic, Among Us is so successful that development studio Innersloth decided to focus on the original game instead of developing a second installment. But if Innersloth has for the moment abandoned the idea of ​​developing a second stamped game Among Us, it is not necessarily the case of the fans, and more specifically the one who calls himself Starcutter.

Indeed, last week, the developer released its first version of a fighting game with the effigy ofAmong Us, and its iconic masked characters. Among Us Arena thus takes over the official environment of the infiltration game, leaves the choice to the players of the color of their character, and lets them fight to the death using only four hits: the light attack, the heavy attack, the attack knife or pistol attack.

Of course, players can also chain hits for combo points, and they can hit their opponent on the ground or in the air. For the past week, Starcutter has been deploying numerous updates and corrective patches in the hope of somehow improving its fighting game, which is already very popular with players… and not only.

Soon a collab with Innersloth?

While this one isn’t official, that hasn’t stopped Innersloth from reacting positively to the creation of Starcutter. We can imagine that this is the kind of inspiration the studio is ready to support, unlike Fortnite’s Impostors mode, which had not left the developers marble when it was released.

Indeed, the Impostors mode was very largely based on the game system ofAmong Us, and covered pretty much all of the rules of Innersloth’s game. However, Fortnite was careful never to refer to Among Us as inspiration which had displeased some of the developers, who would have liked a collaboration.

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