Backlight, a new solution for front-end programmers

Programming user interfaces is not an easy task, it is necessary to have programming and usability knowledge, to be closely integrated with the rest of the team and to always think about the end user, taking into account the millions of different profiles that exist in the world.

That’s why it’s always good news to learn about new options that help programmers in charge of that part, and today is the global launch of Backlight.

They present it as the result of more than 2 years working to answer five questions:

– How to create experiencias front-end consistent?
– How to have the built-in accessibility everywhere?
– How to avoid re- create the same multiple times?
– How to make sure that the new use existing components?
– How to keep the quality and maintainability?

For this they have created a design system that always keeps in mind the requirement of collaboration, collaboration between developers and designers.

In addition to reviewing HTML and CSS, it offers access to reviews, integrates into the Git workflow without the need for a command line (so designers can easily contribute), has several starter kits to reduce cost to start (they have starter kits on React, Vue, Svelte, Web Components, and more), they have a built-in version management system, and the design system can be released as an “npm” package with practically one click.

They have a free plan where 3 users can collaborate on the same system, ideal for freelancers who work on design systems for clients.

You can try it in, where they have a very attractive presentation video showing everything it can do for us on a day-to-day basis.

Other backlight features

– The component library is visually organized. It’s easy for anyone to discover the component catalog and contribute to the Design System right away.
– Admite Storybook stories (CSF).
– It has built-in support for MDX (React) and Markdown documentation.
– Shows the components directly in the documentation.
– Everyone can contribute directly with an instant online preview.
– Figma and Adobe Xd links are supported.
– Errors can be reproduced.
– Accessibility can be guaranteed over time.
– Event checks can be automated.
– We can share real-time previews of the component we are working on.
– Extraction requests can be reviewed visually
– Comes with a built-in online IDE (inspired by VSCode).
– Connects to the Git repository (supports GitHub and Gitlab)
– Promotes 100% standard web development technologies.

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