Belgian Punch wants to revive Nissan Barcelona with its hydrogen pick-ups and promises to generate 2,000 direct jobs

Of all the plans on the table to reindustrialize Nissan Barcelona and bring it back to life, that of the Belgian Punch is one of the ones that are making the most noise.

The supplier – which incidentally is led by former Aston Martin CEO and former Nissan Europe CEO Andy Palmer – has promised to produce more than 75,600 vehicles by 2030, of which 31,200 will be hydrogen pick-ups. Problem: Punch has never built cars and would need Nissan’s patents to carry out his plan.

650 million euros to carry out the plan

Punch Management With H2 Concept Car

Punch’s top leadership, with Andy Palmer on the far left.

The Belgian group – specialized in gearboxes – assures that it could reach, by 2025, to produce more than 46,100 units. By 2030 they are already talking about reaching 36,000 diesel pick-ups, 31,200 hydrogen pick-ups and 8,500 electric vans.

Be that as it may, figures far below the production capacity of Nissan Barcelona.

Punch has just introduced a hydrogen fuel cell pick-up based on the nissan navara, and also has planned the production of electric scooters of its own brand in Barcelona.

As explained by the component supplier, that never made cars, the Navara would be reused by replacing the internal combustion engine with a hydrogen one and its use would be industrial:

“Shouldn’t we be developing a 100% electric pick-up? Other manufacturers are doing it, but the key here is that our goal is not a pick-up for individuals. These vehicles are for work, and you won’t find any electric pick-up. that can carry a ton, “explained Palmer.

But to carry out the project, Nissan will have to assign the patent both the Navara and the eNV200 van, something Punch doesn’t have yet.

The company made a binding offer in July for the acquisition of all Nissan facilities in Catalonia: Zona Franca, Sant Andreu and Montcada.


The investment of 650 million euros until 2027, would be used for the construction of new facilities, hydrogen technology and products. By 2030 they have promised to disburse up to 1 billion euros.

The reindustrialization committee is expected to make a decision in late September. Meanwhile, other firms such as the Catalan QEV Technologies, have presented their project to reindustrialize the Nissan plant.

As the company explained in a press release, “there will be a gradual incorporation of the current workforce until reaching 2,000 direct jobs in 2025 and maintaining its current local supplier base.”

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