Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. it’s officially over

The director of the Batman trilogy seals his divorce from the studio and joins the competition for his next feature film. Universal will produce its film on J. Robert Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb.

After years of fruitful collaboration with Warner Bros, Christopher Nolan changes dairy. The director of the trilogy Batman and D’Inception will join the ranks of Universal and is already preparing its next film. Inspired by the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, this new feature film should tell the role that man played in the creation of the atomic bomb. In line with Dunkirk, the film should launch its filming at the beginning of the year 2022. Cillian Murphy, used to the filmmaker’s productions, would be in discussion to play the main character.

The end of a union

After months of rumors, the divorce between Warner Bros. and Nolan is official. At the heart of the contention are the studio’s recent decisions about the distribution of its films. In 2020, as theaters close their doors across the world, Warner Bros. decides to release its films both on HBO Max and in theaters. This strategy (which largely benefits piracy), then adopted by Disney, will have provoked the anger of several personalities of the 7th art, starting with Christopher Nolan.

And Tenet has been exclusive to the cinema, the director has not been kind to Warner Bros. and AT&T, arguing that the executives of the firm had “absolutely no love of cinema, nor for viewers. He felt that this strategy was a “Desperate attempt to gain public attention and ensure its survival on Wall Street.”

It remains to be seen whether this collaboration with Universal, which also has a streaming service, will be successful. Now that he is a free electron, the filmmaker will be the object of much envy in Hollywood. Netflix has also shown a certain interest in the filmmaker. In an interview for Variety, Scott Stuber, who works on the cinema component of Netflix, had indicated “When he prepares his new film, we’ll see if we can do it at home and what we should do to make it possible. He’s an incredible filmmaker. I’ll do whatever I can to get it. ” It is unequivocal.

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