Finally! Rivian manages to manufacture the first unit of its electric pick-up

It is true that RivianDespite being the best-funded electric car start-up in the world that has not sold an electric car, it has managed to get ahead of the competition with a star product in the US: pick-up eléctrica.

At last the first Rivian R1T, which some lucky customer will drive.

Rivian already has permission to sell in the US

“After months of building pre-production vehicles, this morning the first vehicle for our customers rolled off our production line at Normal! The collective efforts of our team have made this moment possible,” said Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe .

At the moment, the number of pick-ups that have been manufactured and who will be the first customers to receive them is unknown, but it will have to leave the production line somewhat more than that if the company wants to take off.

The plan is start R1T deliveries in the US this month, and then the R1S electric SUV. Both models already have official EPA autonomy figures: 505 km for the pick-up and 508 km for the SUV.

Despite multiple production delays, Rivian appears to have taken the lead in a career in which General Motors plays with its bestial Hummer EV, Ford with the F-150 Lightning or Tesla, who has returned to delay the arrival of your Cybertruck until 2022.

As published TechCrunch, Rivian vehicles have received certifications from three agencies, the last hurdle that allows the manufacturer to sell and deliver its R1T pick-up and R1S SUV in all 50 EEEU states.

R1t 2

With the latest round of funding starring Ford, Amazon and a good Tesla investor, Rivian has raised more than $ 10.6 billion since 2019

In the meantime, Ford has doubled production from Ford F-150 Lightning, which launching in spring 2022: more than 80,000 units by 2024.

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