How to automatically classify photos in Windows

Keeping an archive of a large number of photos can often become a hassle when managing it. If a good order is not maintained from the beginning, finding something specific among a sea of ​​images is really difficult.

In recent times we have seen the emergence of several tools to manage a collection of photographs on the mobile. The one that we present below, just like in the old days, puts the focus back on our computers.

Manage a collection of photos on your computer

Before the predominance of mobile phones in day-to-day photography and on social networks under the terms we know today, the management of digital photographs inevitably involved a camera and a computer.

Those who maintained a collection of digital photos during that time will surely remember applications such as ACDSee or Picasa, which had their heyday during the past decades.

Today, an important part of the application offer has its center fixed on mobile phones, where an important part of the records that can be captured from day to day is concentrated. However, digital cameras are still present, both in professional and amateur spaces. In addition, the computer continues to be used to back up mobile photos and videos, as an alternative to the cloud.

For those cases, there are still tools available to manage photos. One of those is Photofinder, a free app that focuses on comfort and simplicity.

Photofinder, a free image manager

Using your own system of machine learning, Photofinder can take care of managing collections with thousands of photos and videos, providing automatic help to classify and filter them into albums. According to their presentation, in addition to its face detection system and metadata analysis (camera used, configuration and location of the photograph), the automatic learning system behind the application can choose the “happiest” and “most happy” photographs. interesting ”.

With Photofinder it is also possible to eliminate batches of blurred, duplicate photographs, those in which faces appear with red eyes, plus others that the system detects as poor quality records. In addition, it has basic editing tools.

The application allows a batch of images to be directly loaded for analysis and classification, as well as an intensive search throughout the disk. Additionally, it is possible to configure automatic import rules for images and videos.

All the analysis and management of photos and videos carried out through Photofinder does not involve an Internet connection. All work is done locally, ensuring the necessary privacy.

Photofinder can be downloaded for free from the Windows store.

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