How to translate YouTube comments on mobile

YouTube is being updated with a new feature that allows comments to be translated.

So if you’re looking at content in other languages ​​and want to take a look at the comments without going through a manual translation, you can take advantage of this new feature.

You can now use instant translation in YouTube comments

Last month, the YouTube team announced that it was testing a new feature in its iOS and Android app. A feature that lets users know what comments written in other languages ​​are saying.

Although most of the videos have the option of translation to follow the content, the comments were a separate issue. So if you wanted to know what other users were saying about a certain video, you had to copy and paste the text to take them to the Google translator.

Now you can save yourself that step, since YouTube allows automatic translation of comments. It follows the same dynamics that we have already seen in different platforms, that it is only necessary to click on “Translate into Spanish (or the chosen language)”.

This function is available in all comments that are in other languages, regardless of the configured view mode. So you will find it whether you choose to view them in chronological order, best comments or latest first. And of course, you can revert the action at any time, by clicking on “See original”.

You don’t need to make any changes for this option to appear in your YouTube account. Nor will you have to configure any options related to languages. YouTube will automatically detect when the comment is in a different language than the main one to activate this function.

This new function is already being extended to all users, so you will find it the next time you open the YouTube app on your mobile.

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