Locke & Key: new keys appear in the trailer

We’re going back to Key House soon. Netflix has just shared a first teaser of Locke & Key season 2, which promises to be darker than the previous burst of episodes.

In October, just in time for Halloween, Netflix will unveil the new season of Locke & Key. The series, adapted from the eponymous comics by Joe Hill, is revealed in a first trailer. The Locke children, who thought they were out of the woods, will once again have to face Dodge who has now taken on the appearance of Gabe.

Determined to put his plan into action, and to free the monster hiding behind the Omega door, Dodge will do everything to achieve his goal, even if it means creating new keys. We can also see one of them in the trailer, even if the images give very little information on its magical properties.

A darker turn

Among the criticisms leveled at this adaptation, many pointed to the watering down of the plot imagined by Joe Hill and the overly childish tone of the fantasy epic. Obviously, the complaints of the fans have been heard as the plot seems to take a darker turn. While it seems unlikely that these changes will match the universe and the atmosphere of the comics, Netflix undoubtedly wanted to breathe a wind of maturity on the series which will nevertheless remain intended for adolescents.

To see if the result is up to par, you won’t have to wait very long. The appointment is fixed at October 22 on Netflix. This second season should consist of 10 episodes. A third season has already been announced, so it’s still far from over. It remains to be hoped that development will not take as long as for season 2. As a reminder, the pandemic forced the teams to pause filming last year. As dark rooms rediscover color, and Hollywood bustles behind the scenes to fill the calendars for the next few years, there is still hope.

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