Microsoft already allows personal accounts without passwords

Microsoft marks a very important milestone today as it is beginning to allow end users to log into their accounts without the need for passwords. Months ago, this possibility began to reach business customers.

In this way, Microsoft is completing a process that began years ago, and that has been accelerated throughout the pandemic, to allow the use of its products without the need for passwords, thus joining the initiatives of other technology companies, such as Google. , which also rely on password-independent login models.

The path marked so that the use of passwords can come to an end

And is that the use of passwords are becoming outdated and unsafeIt is difficult to combine the creation of passwords that are easy to remember but difficult to find out by third parties, and the reuse of the same passwords in more than one service and application is also common.

Due to all the inconveniences that passwords bring, end users can now do without them in the most modern products where they use their Microsoft accounts, leaving this possibility without effect in the company’s older products, such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1 , Xbox 360, among others.

Instead, users will be able to make use of the Microsoft Authenticator application, Windows Hello, by using a physical security key, or by sending the code by SMS or email.

Microsoft highly recommends the use of Microsoft Authenticator. To do this, once this application is installed on the mobile and linked to the personal account, users only have to go to the configuration options from your Microsoft account, accessing the advanced security options to enable the passwordless account option, applying the change directly from the Authenticator application.

From there, your accounts will no longer have passwords, and you can use Authenticator to log in to company applications and services.

Users should know that they can reverse the process to regain passwords in their accounts in Microsoft. The truth is that we have been moving towards the possibility of entering our user accounts in different services without the need for passwords, so there may be the possibility that in the future they are not necessary, being replaced with more secure measures and much easier for users to use.

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