Now you can charge your electric car thanks to sunlight with these Wallbox chargers

Can you imagine being able charge the electric car at home with sunlight or wind? The charger provider for electric cars Wallbox has launched Eco-Smart, the first energy management function specifically designed for recharging with renewable energy at home.

With this system you can charge the electric car taking advantage of the solar boards that can be installed at home without having to connect to the electrical network.

A good option to save on the electricity bill


This new Wallbox function therefore allows increase sustainable energy consumption to be able to recharge electric vehicles and, in addition, in a way that, in the long run, can be more economical.

It is true that in order to get the maximum use of this charger It is ideal to have a solar panel at home, but the initial outlay of the installation can allow you to save on energy consumption in the long run.

Eco-Smart is available as standard on the Pulsar Plus and Copper SB models and has two modes of operation.

The Modo Full-Green detects when there is enough green surplus energy available in your home to meet the minimum requirements needed to power the car. At that point it will start to charge, which means that each charge is 100% eco-friendly.

On the other hand, the Eco mode detects green energy that is not being used in other parts of your home in real time and mixes it with grid power to ensure fast and efficient charging.

It is a good choice for save a little on the electricity bill using clean and free energy, avoiding the high prices that exist today in grid energy and making the most of a photovoltaic installation.

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