Nvidia leak mentions PC version for God of War and FF 7 Remake

Many games were the victims of a general leak, including some titles that had not yet been announced.

Since the start of the day, a data breach from Nvidia, which manages the GeForce Now cloud gaming service, paralyzes the internet as the leaked information surprised the entire gaming community. A list of games are now circulating on the web – with headlining God of War, Gran Turismo 7, la collection remasterisée GTA or Final Fantasy VII Remake – and which could well announce the imminent arrival of PC versions for all these games.

The most surprising is that most of the titles listed are currently PlayStation exclusives which Sony has not yet confirmed the arrival of a PC version. Following the distribution of the list, Nvidia quickly reacted and confirmed having read it, while confirming that it was genuine. The company explains, however, that the titles mentioned were purely ” speculative “And used” only for internal monitoring and testing ».

Nvidia confirms that “linclusion in this list is neither a confirmation nor an announcement of a game “. Following this announcement, the company took steps to remove access to the list that was published without its prior authorization.

The error of unfounded rumors

As proof, the list contains a good number of games which have not yet been announced and which are indeed not ready to arrive. This is the case of Bioshock 2022, whose next opus is not at a sufficiently advanced stage of development for the game to be ready by next year, or Halo 5 : Guardians, whose arrival on PC has been totally denied by the community manager of the franchise.

Found on this page, the list is therefore to be taken with a lot of tweezers, given the fact that nothing has been confirmed by any of the studios mentioned and that some rumors have even been clearly and simply denied. However, it is not impossible that some of these games will be offered a PC version by next year, just like Horizon Zero Dawn which finally got its own portage.

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