PS5: a major update is coming tomorrow

This is the second update rolled out by Sony since the launch of its next-gen console, and the first since the appearance of the new model.

Tomorrow – Wednesday September 15 – Sony will begin to deploy a major update of the PS5 system for the second time this year. This mainly concerns “Improving the PS5 experience” as well as the audio part of the console. Here is a rundown of who awaits the players.

The first improvement concerns the control center and the Game Base which can be customized more easily and quickly. In addition, the Game Base will be able to be deployed in full screen to be able to display more information about friend requests and the connection status of your current friends. From the Control Center, you will also be able to quickly access a maximum of 5 trophies per game.

Long-awaited 3D audio and SSD storage

Following this, Sony announces support for 3D audio for TVs with built-in speakers. This feature can be easily activated in the menu and allows to transform standard audio into 3D audio. In order to have optimal audio for your gaming environment, you can test your acoustics using the microphone of your DualSense, which should modify the sound distribution parameters directly on your PS5. Those who own the Pulse 3D headphones from Sony will also be able to access the sound equalizer directly through the control center.

Starting tomorrow, players will also be able to take advantage of the extension of stockage SSD M.2 with official support. Be careful though, before embarking on the adventure and opening your console, make sure you have a disc compatible with the requirements of the PS5, especially in terms of size and performance. All information is available on the Sony website.

Mobile applications get a facelift

We drop the controller and take a walk on the mobile side with the PS Remote Play and PS App applications. They will also be entitled to new features that many players were waiting for. On PS Remote Play, players will now be able to stream and launch their games using their mobile data when no Wi-Fi is available. A minimum connection of 5 Mbps will be required.

Then, on the PS App, an update will be deployed on September 23, which will allow players to view their friends’ Screen Share broadcasts. For that, it will be enough to join a friend playing on PS5 in party, and to ask this player to activate the famous screen sharing.

As a reminder, almost all of these features will arrive on September 15, so keep your console in rest mode or on to be able to automatically start downloading the update as soon as it is available.

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