Realme Band 2 was introduced

Its display has gotten bigger, it can track more activity, and it can even handle some of our smart home devices while still being very cheap to buy.


Just a couple of weeks ago, we tested Realme’s affordable activity meter, the Bandet, which came next to the competitors Xiaomi and Honor, and because of its correct functionality we were able to give him a plecsnit. The original Realme Band, on the other hand, was a near-running device when we tested it, the Hungarian distribution started relatively late, and now its successor, the Realme Band 2, has also been introduced.


With its larger display and less curved design, the Realme Band 2 is better for a smartwatch than a penny activity meter, but the price has remained very modest. Its 1.4-inch touchscreen displays 167 x 320 pixels and is capable of brightness of up to 500 nits. It is especially emphasized that more than 50 clock sheets are supported, and it is also possible to set custom backgrounds based on your own image.


The functionality hasn’t changed too much, of course with heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, watering and regular exercise motivating notifications, and there’s no need to miss the ladies ’monthly calendar monitoring as well as measuring our blood oxygen levels. Among the activity modes, we will have 90 options in the future, but a significant part of them will come with an OTA upgrade, for now, the usual walking, running, cricket, basketball, swimming and soccer tracking will be supported.


The Smart AIoT Control in Realme Band 2 means that the gadget can work with ecosystem-enabled earphones and smart home devices, so you can even turn on a home light or even adjust the ear noise level on it.


In addition, the bracelet can act as a shutter button when shooting with your smartphone, but it also shows the expected weather and you can set an alarm on it. The waterproof gadget up to 50 meters has been given a 204 mAh battery that brings up to 12 days of operation, according to the manufacturer, in part to the Bluetooth LE-enabled SoC that Goodix is ​​supplying to Realmen. All you need to connect is a smartphone with at least Android 5.1 or iOS 11, you need to download the Realme Link app for full use.


The device weighs 27.3 grams and is only available in Space Gray gray, but the straps can also be varied here. We already have a Chinese price of 170 yuan, which is equivalent to 8,000 forints.

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