The price of the Furgle Carry Series gaming chair is plummeting, it’s time to equip yourself!

The superb Furgle Carry Series gaming chair suffers a very sharp price drop in AliExpress with the help of a promo code! Your back and butt will thank you for providing them with a comfortable seat designed for long hours of gaming.

Like it or not, office chairs are very practical and provide unparalleled comfort for anyone who is on a computer – especially those who spend hours playing or working. Gamers are more drawn to gaming chairs, however, because they provide hand-sewn comfort to spend hours of gaming without hurting their backs or buttocks. This is where the Furgle Carry Series comes in since it brings everything one expects from a gaming chair at a totally barred price! Moreover, the latter has just suffered a dizzying fall on Aliexpress. You will be able to find this gaming chair at the price of 99 € instead of 209 € or a nice reduction using the code SDFRS030. Fast delivery from Europe and VAT included.

Take advantage of the offer at Aliexpress

Ergonomic, design and comfortable

If there are many important points to find in a gaming chair, it is ergonomics, comfort and design – although it is more optional. When you spend a few minutes a day on a computer writing a document or doing some internet research, having an office chair like the Furgle Carry Series is not necessary. However, as soon as you spend a lot of time in a League of Legends game or for work, the Furgle Carry Series makes perfect sense.

The latter will allow you to tilt the backrest to your liking, without forgetting that the armrests can be adjusted to the desired height. In terms of comfort, the backrest of the Furgle Carry Series is bucket, which will allow you to support your back properly to avoid bad postures. In addition to that, padding in the head and lower back is present to keep the back straight and at the same time provide comfort.

Moreover, the seat is also bucket, which will allow your legs to be well centered with the rest of the body. This may be insignificant for some people, but remember that 99% of back problems come from poor postures that we have on a daily basis. Regarding the design, the Furgle Carry Series is available in 6 colors.


The Furgle Carry Series will always adapt to the situation

Once you have finished your video game session (or your work), you can flip the folder to watch a movie, a series or even listen to Nirvana’s Smell Like Teen Spirit. In short, a gaming chair that must absolutely equip your setup, especially since it is on sale on Aliexpress at the price of 99 € instead of 209 € thanks to the code SDFRM34. Fast delivery from Europe and VAT included.

Take advantage of the offer at Aliexpress

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