The signs that help you know if the second-hand car you are going to buy has taken a big hit

Depending on how strong you have been, a collision with a car can affect the mechanics of the car and the chassis of the same. There are excellent professionals who can leave the car as if it were new, but no matter how good the job is, it is difficult for the car to function as before if the breakdown has been very large.

When it comes to buying a second-hand car, its appearance can be very good, but appearances can be deceiving. Knowing if a car has received a strong hit is difficult to detect, but not impossibleTherefore, we are going to try to give a series of marks that can give us indications of what has happened.

Signs that a car has been hit hard


The simplest way is to ask the seller directly if the car has suffered a blow of this type, but we can trust him more or less.

As we have mentioned, there are excellent professionals who manage to leave the car practically new after a big hit, and it is very difficult to detect any defect. Even so, there are certain indications that can give us clues that the car has received a strong blow even though the car has been very well repaired after receiving a great impact:

  • Bodywork or dislodged parts: A quick review of the parts that make up the body of the car can give us clues as to whether it has received a blow. The pieces should fit perfectly with the piece right next to it. If it does not fit well, that area has been hit, it can be strong or something slight, that has hardly affected the car.
  • Disengaged doors: The doors is a good thermometer of whether the car has taken a hit. If they make noise, do not close properly or get stuck, it is probably because a blow has been received in that area. There are many cases of trunks that do not close properly because the car has received an impact from behind. In this case, in addition to asking the owner, we must be even more exhaustive in reviewing that area. For example, in the case of the boot lid, it would be advisable to check the area of ​​the spare wheel to check that there are no deformations or anything that is out of the ordinary.
  • Lack of paint on the chassis: The parts attached to the chassis are painted the same color as the chassis. If the screws attached to the chassis have paint leaks, it means that some part has been repositioned from that area. Chassis parts that have been bench straightened and cocked can also leak paint. The chassis hinges if they have been straightened will still suffer from color irregularities.

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