TikTok launches new resources and guides on mental health

TikTok is rolling out a number of new features on the platform to protect users, as well as new guides on wellness and mental health. An initiative that is carried out in collaboration with different organizations.

The new guides are available on the TikTok Safety Center for teens, educators, and parents to refer to at any time.

New TikTok Features to Protect Users’ Mental Health

One of the new dynamics that is implemented in TikTok has to do with a new warning label when sensitive content appears. When this type of content is thrown in search results, TikTok will display the blank screen along with a warning, for example, “distressing content”.

And of course, no more content related to this search will be displayed without the user’s consent. So if you want to continue viewing the search results, you will have to click on “Show results”. On the other hand, TikTok is also adding a new guide to its resource center on eating disorders. A content designed for both adolescents, educators and parents, which has been prepared in collaboration with associations such as NEDA to help users who have eating disorders.

It’s also rolling out a new dynamic to help users searching for terms related to suicide or self-harm. In addition to existing resources, TikTok will display content from creators in search results that tell their personal experiences and bring users information to reach out to organizations that can help you.

While we do not allow content that promotes, glorifies, or normalizes suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders, we do support people who choose to share their experiences to raise awareness, help others who might be struggling, and find support in our community.

So beyond showing the support numbers users can turn to for help, TikTok will also show these videos from the creators in search results.

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