TikTok wants to protect the youngest from the negative effects of social media

The Chinese social network has deployed several new tools intended to better support its users on social networks. Objective, to protect the youngest on the issue of mental health.

TikTok continues its momentum, and deploys new tools to educate its users on dangers of social networks. For a few hours now, the social network has shared a new well-being guide in his security center. It is particularly about eating disorders (ACT), and suicidal thoughts.

Developed in collaboration with several American associations, and in particular International Association for Suicide Prevention, Crisis Text Line, or Live for Tomorrow, this new guide shared by TikTok now encourages users to think more about their impact, not only with others, but also with themselves. At a time when the slightest post can go viral, the Chinese platform thus warns of the dangers of exposing yourself too much on social networks, especially when it comes to sharing painful or personal stories.

TikTok plays prevention

While TikTok is already directing its users to psychological help resources when certain hashtags like #suicide are searched on the platform, the social network should now beef up its game. prevention videos should also be put more forward for Internet users who need it. Some search results may also be blurred in the event of repeated problematic searches.

The Instagram case

If TikTok is so focused on doing prevention with its users, it is – in part – because its main competitor Instagram has recently been the subject of an investigation, following the revelations of the Wall Street Journal. In internal documents disclosed by the American media, it is detailed in particular that Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is aware of its bad influence on the youngest. A situation that she does not hesitate to minimize in public. After the publication of the investigation, Instagram finally split from a long post de blog, explaining: “The question that worries many people is whether social media is good or bad for people”, without giving a concrete answer.

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