Where to buy DEATHLOOP at the best price?

DEATHLOOP, Arkane Lyon’s first-person shooter, is now available exclusively for the console on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and on PC, where can you find it at the best price?

The deadly puzzle of DEATHLOOP puts you in the shoes of Colt, amnesiac and trapped on the Isle of Blackreef in a time loop. As you uncover clues, you’ll learn how to perform the perfect assassinations in this time loop, taking out all eight “Visionaries” in a single day. You can also dive into the multiplayer mode and play as Julianna, Colt’s rival assassin and nemesis, to protect the loop.

Officially available since September 14, here’s where you can find DEATHLOOP at the best price on PS5 and PC:

Deathloop PS5 at the best price Base price: 69 €

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DEATHLOOP harnesses the power of the PS5 with amazing visuals and fast load times thanks to the super high speed of DDS, and the DualSense controller brings the sounds and feel of Blackreef right into your hands.

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