5 of the best free Android chat and communication apps for gamers

When playing online, instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram are not the most appropriate, as they do not have the necessary tools for good communication between players.

In the area of ​​messaging apps, typical chats are one thing and gamers chats are quite another. Therefore, if you want to improve your communication and have different tools available, then we leave you up to 5 free applications for mobile phones. Each of them has excellent ratings, functions and millions of downloads, so it is part of the best at zero cost.

Discord has been, for a couple of years, the most complete and well-known communication tool for gamers that exists. When creating servers, users can be invited so they can see which ones you are playing at the moment, and they can send messages or transmit live videos. Although it has been created for all types of communities, the truth is that its use is focused on the gamer public, so you can take advantage of all the benefits it offers at zero cost (they also have a paid version with additional features).

BAND encompasses an all-in-one within its communication platform. When creating a group or channel, people can be added to allow the sending and receiving of messages. Video calls also have good quality, there is a calendar to schedule events, surveys can be created, share files from Dropbox and the maximum capacity of groups is 1,000 users. Its evaluation is 4.4 out of 5 in the Google store and it already has more than 50 million downloads.


At the intermediate point we find one of the gamer communication apps with the most benefits. Guilded can be seen as one of the main alternatives to Discord given that, in summary, allows to communicate through channels, share screen through transmissions, calendars with programmable events, custom emoticons for each server, and so on. In your list of options we cannot leave behind the possibility of creating bots for different tasks. Like the previous ones, it is available for free.


According to the developers of Element, this tool facilitates communication by creating private or public channels. Its main emphasis is to offer end-to-end encryption and it can be integrated with apps like Slack, in case you want to use it for more than just games. Element is also not far behind in the easy messaging options, voice and video calls, as well as file sharing, screen sharing, and even widgets and bots.


With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play, we ended the list with Pinch, one of today’s revelations. The strengths of Pinch lie in that, in a simple way, we can talk with colleagues and even see in which games they are connected at the moment. In addition, it is possible to quickly silence a person from the call bubble, and from this icon you can expand the screen, mute the microphone or cut the call easily.

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