Bankruptcy hangs around Gearbest

Big concerns around Gearbest: the site has not been accessible for a few days and there are bankruptcy rumors about the e-commerce site well known to bargain-seekers.

Is Gearbest dying? This is the question that agitates the microcosm of e-commerce when the site has not been accessible for several days. A real heartbreak for customers who appreciate the online store, its catalog full of Chinese products impossible to find elsewhere, its good deals and its delivery all over the world.

Fear of bankruptcy

But since last year, concerns have mounted for the site. The prices of its products thus began to rise, to the point where they were more expensive than anywhere else. Gearbest has also changed its policy regarding its marketplace, making it very difficult for third-party sellers to operate. It seems that the platform was no longer able to pay them.

At the same time, the e-commerce giant’s customer service began to deteriorate sharply, especially on refund procedures. Gearbest then encountered more and more difficulties in fulfilling orders, in some cases the store did not deliver anything at all, having nothing to sell on its shelves anyway.

And now, the website is no longer available. In fact, everything has disappeared, the pages of the site but also the links, the customer profiles, there is absolutely nothing left. Gearbest would not have warned third-party sellers of what looks like an outright shutdown of the store. Ditto for the sites that affiliate with Gearbest, the income has melted or simply have not been paid.

The worst part is that Gearbest refuses all communication, leaving its partners and customers in a worrying blur.

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