PW-X3: the new electric mountain bike motor from Yamaha

Yamaha wants to once again become the leader of engine equipment manufacturers for electric bicycle manufacturers with the PW-X3, an engine that is intended more for electric-assisted mountain bikes.

Yamaha has brought its PW-X2 engine up to date with a new, more efficient and smaller model: the PW-X3 is indeed 20% less bulky than the previous version. Manufacturers will thus be able to integrate this more discreet engine more easily into their bikes, which also loses weight: 2.75 kg instead of 3.1 kg for the old reference. Apart from this welcome compactness, the new engine also displays interesting performance.

More powerful and more compact

The PW-X3 thus offers a torque of 85 Nm (10 more than the PW-X2), the same maximum power as its two main competitors: the EP8 from Shimano and Performance Line CX from Bosch. Two rivals who were beginning to overshadow Yamaha in this sector, and which pushed the company to level up.

Credit: Yamaha

The equipment manufacturer adds a very simple interface to its new engine: an LED display for the battery and assistance level, and that’s about it. There is still an ANT + connection to connect a GPS. Cyclists who do not want to be disturbed during their rides will be happy. Others can opt for a more complete interface that Yamaha also offers manufacturers.

Yamaha is not stopping there: the group has also launched a new Crossover 400 battery, just as light as the engine (2.8 kg) and which offers a capacity of 410 Wh. It recharges in about 3 hours 30 minutes. The first bikes and mountain bikes integrating the Yamaha solution are expected on the roads in the course of next year.

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