Tesla would like to launch a Model 2 at $ 25,000

With Model 3, Tesla wanted to democratize electric cars, by offering a vehicle that is more affordable than the previous models in its range. But Elon Musk wants to go further: market a car at $ 25,000.

Tesla dominates the market for high-end and mid-range electric cars, with a Model 3 at the head of the latter segment, starting at € 43,800 in France. But the manufacturer does not want to stop there: it is indeed seeking to find a place in the sun with customers who do not necessarily have extensible means.

Cheaper batteries

We should thus see Tesla launch a more affordable model in order to compete with models like Volkswagen’s ID.3, Kia’s e-Niro or even the Nissan Leaf. According to the English site Coach, this city car could be available from 2023, at a price of $ 25,000 (probably the equivalent in euros). Its name would simply be Model 2.

If Tesla is able to offer such a price, it is thanks to a new battery technology that cuts costs in half compared to current methods, while providing five times more energy and up to 16% of autonomy. additional. Last year, during Battery Day, Elon Musk said that the manufacturer would offer a ” really affordable car ”With cheaper batteries.

It is from next year that the volume production of these new batteries could begin. Their production cost would come to around $ 105 per kWh, significantly less than today’s batteries. As for autonomy, it would be at least 400 kilometers to meet Tesla’s “standards”. All this remains rumors, but everything seems to indicate that the manufacturer intends to push its advantage in the face of increasingly sharp competition.

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