The Genesis GV60 will have facial recognition so that the driver can open the doors with their face

To the curious technological innovations that equip the Genesis GV60such as cameras instead of mirrors, fingerprint recognition to activate the car, state-of-the-art gear selector and even the possibility of have wireless charging, is an el facial recognition system to open the vehicle doors.

The Electric SUV of Hyundai’s Premium division, which shares a platform with the new Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, will serve as a reference for future models that will make up the Korean brand’s commitment to electrification and a large part of its offensive will revolve around advances such as the driver-vehicle connection through the biometric information.

Technology anticipated by the Genesis GV60

Genesis Face Connect

The facial recognition technology named by the brand “Face Connect“It will be available initially for the Genesis GV60, but will gradually be extended to the rest of the range. It works through a near infrared camera (NIR) even in poor visibility or at night.

The system allows digital storage two faces of people who can have access to the vehicle, and thus open and close the doors without using a smart key (although it does not replace it). If you want to change the stored faces, it can be done as many times as you want. As explained by the manufacturer, this technology aims to “free drivers from the hassle” of carrying the keys every time the vehicle is going to be used.

The aim is for the driver to gain in safety and practicality, for example, in situations such as going out to do sports or any other outdoor activity: the system allows leaving the smart key inside the car and locking it, and then returning and unlocking it through the facial recognition.


Genesis GV60 interior

At startup time, the fingerprint recognition called the “Fingerprint Authentication System”, which is another system that uses biometric data to function.

Thanks to the data saved by the vehicle through the driver’s face, other aspects can be recorded in each profile, such as the adjustments of the steering wheel seats and the adjustment of the cameras that act as the rear-view mirrors, as well as the Head. Up Display or the infotainment system.

In the case of having to leave the car in a workshop or give it to another person temporarily, the vehicle has the so-called “Valet mode”, Which he will share with other models of the brand such as Genesis GV80 and that allows the car owner to be informed of aspects such as where, when and how long the vehicle has been used.

Another feature that the Genesis GV60 will share with other models of the group is that it can receive Software updates over the Internet (OTA).

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