50,000 accounts blocked in the fight against fake reviews?

It is well known that Amazon has been taking action against brands that rely on fake reviews for their products for a long time. Now Amazon is said to have blocked over 600 Chinese brands and 50,000 accounts. Some of them are said to receive financial support from various Chinese institutions or companies for the downtime to cover the losses.

Amazon and Chinese companies – who has the longer breath?

Amazon sees a real problem in the fake reviews for products on its own platform, as these should offer the buyer added value, whether the product delivers what it promises. For some time now, Amazon has been taking action against brands that offer their products for a refund via PayPal and demand a 5-star rating instead of the purchase price. The market for such ratings is definitely booming, as Chinese manufacturers in particular can put their products in a better light and sell them much better. We already had various brands like Choetech or Gosund reported.

Over 600 brands and 3000 accounts – or is it more like 50,000 accounts blocked?

In the course of the fake reviews, Amazon announced that it has now banned over 600 Chinese brands from its own platform. At least that’s how it reports The Vergewho have received a statement from Amazon about this. When searching, Amazon found what it was looking for and has so far blocked the 600 brands and 3000 seller accounts.

Whether this is the whole truth of Amazon is doubtful. Because also the colleagues from HomeKits reported about it and spoke to a former employee of one of the companies concerned. He says that it’s not just 3000 seller accounts, but rather 50,000 accounts. The strategy with these brands and sellers is probably that blocked accounts are simply reopened and the brands simply continue to operate under a different name on Amazon. We had already reported about this as well: Gosund, Choetech & Co. reappeared on Amazon under a different name.

The second piece of information, however, is even larger: for a certain period of time, during which the accounts at Amazon are blocked, allegedly financial support is to be received from various Chinese institutions and companies in order to be able to better absorb the losses. If this is true, Amazon could have to fight against fake reviews for a very long time.

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