Huawei Watch 3 has got new features

Harmony OS is constantly evolving, and Watch 3 has acquired important capabilities in addition to a few small things.


A Huawei Watch 3 masculine design, but with relatively limited options so far, but before the manufacturer’s new multiplatform developmentre what they grab. An update has been released in China for now ab start a bunch implements something that can be expected from a device competing in a smartwatch category at this price level.

Watch 3 has so far only offered passive notification handling, so the message has appeared, but we were able to read it at most, reply or not respond in any form. The new, In system version, it is already possible to reply to SMS, which is an important step in the development of the platform. The offline music library already handles multiple formats and has been polished on wake-up calls. The 5-minute trial of paid watch dials is a great idea, and the hand wash detection and aid is a great extra. The freshis likely to be available outside China soon.

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