Brave Talk arrives, Brave’s privacy-focused video calling service

Video calls have been a very important part throughout the pandemic to stay in contact with both family and friends as well as between co-workers to develop productivity remotely.

And now, with the rise of hybrid work and the return to school and work activity, Brave, one of the alternative web browsers focused on privacy, wants users to be able to carry out their video calling sessions in a privacy-centric environment by design.

An alternative to face the options of big technology

Therefore, they have just released Brave Talk, your new service communication through video calls, which is integrated into the browser itself.

Brave notes that their new service runs under the open source Jitsi as a Service 8 × 8 video conferencing platform, where in addition, it will allow users to enable multiple layers of encryption, and in no case will data and other elements be recorded or shared without the consent of the users.

According to the statement, to start a video call session it will be necessary to carry it out through the Brave web browser.

In this regard, users will have to open a new tab and click on the Brave Talk camera icon, or go to the web from Brave browser on desktop or mobile, being able to invite other users to join the session once created, although the guests can be found behind any other modern web browser.

Using Brave Talk will not require or external applications, having been launched in May 2020 under the name of Brave Together in the testing phase, now officially arriving to millions of users for free, including group video, YouTube live streaming, and unlimited individual calls.

For those who want calls to three or more people, Brave Talk has its own payment option for $ 7 per month, after which it also offers call recordings, hosting tools such as muting participants and entry access codes, among other features. .

According to Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave:

Big tech has a firm grip on the market as it exists today, and Brave is determined to offer users an alternative that defies the giants and puts power back in the hands of the user. With over 36 million monthly active users on our browser, we are reshaping the industry with our default privacy ecosystem.

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