Google will help you with the search for more sustainable travel

More and more efforts are being made to make business activity compatible with respect for the environment. For those who want to develop their trips with the best possible impact, Google will begin to offer the initiatives that each hotel is carrying out in terms of sustainability as of this week.

Google notes that When searching for hotels, users will not only be able to access all the initiatives that are being carried out in each hotel, but will also see those hotels that have obtained an ecological certification highlighted by means of a badge having managed to exceed the high sustainability standards by some independent organizations such as Green Key or EarthCheck.

For those who want to travel with the least possible impact

The company says that has a new team of engineers, designers and researchers focused solely on sustainability of the travels, and that they will continue to work to gather more information to make it as accessible as possible.

In this aspect ask hotels with green certifications or sustainability practices to share this information with travelers simply by logging into Google My Business to add the attributes to their business profile, or where appropriate, they are also urged to contact the Google My Business team.

In addition to the hotels’ activities in terms of sustainability, Google will also enlist the help of Travalyst to develop a standardized way to calculate carbon emissions for air travel.

In this regard:

This free and open impact model will provide an industry framework for estimating emissions for a given flight and sharing that information with potential travelers.

They also intend to develop sustainability standards in everything that has to do with accommodation, and they plan to launch broader efforts related to hotel sustainability efforts.

The idea, after all, is add the sustainability variable for those looking to travel, adding to other variables such as prices, security, among other aspects, thus helping to develop fully balanced trips.

For Google:

All of these updates are part of our commitment over the next decade to invest in technologies that help our partners and people around the world make sustainable decisions.

It is a matter of time before we see more initiatives, which according to Google, will arrive over the next few months.

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