Quantum Code could be entitled to a revival

Nostalgia alert! The legendary series of the 90s could return to our screens for a revival with the original cast.

After Back to the future, another saga made time travel its business. On the small screen, Code Quantum followed the adventures of Doctor Sam Beckett, who created the Quantum Code project. Pressed to give proof of his discovery, under penalty of seeing his funding cut, Sam decides to test his prototype himself and finds himself stuck in the past under another identity. His only contact with his time is Al, a hologram that acts like a guardian angel. In each episode, he finds himself in the body of a stranger and must fix the mistakes of the past. He hopes that each of his trips will bring him closer to the one who brings him home.

Broadcast on M6, the series ended suddenly after 5 seasons of good and loyal service. NBC had indeed chosen not to offer him a last season, which pushed the creators to cobble together an end in haste. On the credits, we learned that Sam Beckett had never returned home and that he had continued to travel through time and space.

A sequel with Scott Baluka and Dean Stockwell?

Invited by Bob Saget’s podcast, Scott Baluka (Sam Beckett in the series) confided that discussions were underway to offer a revival to the series, dubbed Quantum Leap in English. He explains : “There are some very important conversations going on about it right now. I don’t know what it will be. I don’t know who will get it. Rights have been a mess for years. I don’t even know if this matter is settled. ”

Fortunately, this return to the screens should not be done without the two main characters. While chatting with creator Donald P. Bellisario about the return of the series, the latter reportedly said “I can’t write this without thinking about you and Dean.”

It remains to be seen from now on when the project will materialize. We can hope that at a time when many studios are playing on nostalgia, as for the new opus of Ghostbusters, this science fiction nugget will be entitled to a new chance to conquer an amateur audience of productions of the genre.

In the meantime, you can find the first two seasons for digital rental on Apple TV, just to take you on a journey through time.

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