How to organize a “silent party”, only with mobile phones and headphones

Known as silent parties, these events in which the music is not played through a loudspeaker have gained increasing popularity thanks to the visibility obtained on the Internet.

At least in their most commercial and extravagant editions, these parties relied on sophisticated audio transmission systems. To simplify things, a new alternative leaves this task in the hands of our mobiles.

My Silent Disco Club, app to organize silent parties for free

To organize a silent party with this platform, it is necessary in the first instance to register in Once inside, it is possible to start building the music collection of the event, adding music to the party’s playlists from YouTube, Soundcloud or even from computer audio files. When editing the list, it is always possible to rearrange the order of the songs.

The next step is to create a new event. Along with assigning a name, it is necessary to choose under which mode the host will generate its call. The free plan of this service allows you to create events with a maximum virtual capacity of 10 people. This quota can be extended with the other available payment options.

Once the aforementioned details have been adjusted, it is enough to indicate the date and estimated time of the start of the party, plus a description and a geographical location. All these data are referential and the actual start of the party depends on the direct action of its host.

In the last organizational step, the playlists come into action again, as the platform allows the creation of up to three rooms, to which a different playlist can be assigned separately, to separate musical environments.

To enter a party, simply access it by following an invitation link that opens from the same My Silent Disco Club application, available for iOS and Android. The only necessary implements are the mobile, logically, and any kind of headphones.

As they review in a Article From the blog of this platform, the silent parties under their traditional conception depend on a greater paraphernalia, both in equipment and logistics. With a simpler solution, such as the one that this application offers, the possibility of organizing an event under this model with fewer resources is opened, but ensuring an experience that is up to expectations.

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