The scandal around Google Earth at the heart of a Netflix series

Netflix is ​​interested in the two engineers who accused Google of plagiarism in 2014, in the mini-series called The Billion Dollar Code.

In 2014, two German developers attack the Mountain View firm and accuse it of stealing the technology on which it is based Google Earth. The inventors of Terra Vision believe the company has counterfeit “The pictorial representation of spatial data” of their tool.

The new Netflix miniseries will take an interest in this case. Baptized The Billion Dollar Code, it will follow the two developers, Carsten and Juri, in their legal fight like GAFAM. It will also immerse us in the Germany of the 90s, after reunification and at the time of the conception of Terra Vision.

In the first trailer, we discover the entire cast. Mark Waschke and Misel Maticevic will play the two main characters. The first is not also his first collaboration with the N Rouge. He was also featured on Dark, the phenomenon series aired between 2017 and 2020. The series will be directed by Robert Thalheim.

To discover The Billion Dollar Code, we will have to wait until October 7. This season’s episodes will be available on that date. However, it should not be renewed since it is a mini-series, like The Lady’s Game for example.

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