Electric truck created to have a range of 500 kilometers

When it comes to electric driving, most of us only attribute it to cars and bicycles. The truth is that this mode of propulsion is also being implemented in other types of vehicles: the transport of goods and large tonnage vehicles.

However, it has become a challenge to overcome a large number of factors to incorporate electric propulsion in the development of heavy-duty vehicles. Despite this, there are many brands that have proposed to make electric conduction a premise of their production chain.

One of them is Tevva, a new company in the sector that has officially presented its first heavy-duty electric vehicle. This electric truck has earned the honor of being the first in its class with totally british design and chosen to be mass produced within this territory.

Regarding its structure, this electric truck has a weight of 7.5 tons. However, in the technical section there are not many details that are available about this vehicle.

The only thing that has been revealed so far is that it will have a autonomy of 250 kilometers, which correspond to the Battery-powered electric variant.

For the variant powered by hydrogen fuel cell, the autonomy achieved will be 500 kilometers. Regarding this variant, it was disclosed that it will be capable of recharging batteries while on the move. This will make the work cycles fulfilled by the truck on its route longer.

Regarding the load capacity, this truck can support up to 2 tons of total weight.

For the production of this electric Tevva truck, the London Thames Freeport area has been allocated, starting these operations in July 2022. It is planned to make the first deliveries of this vehicle from third quarter of next year.

For the moment, the commercialization of this electric truck will be restricted to the English market, although it is planned later to expand its sale in the European Union and the Middle East.

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